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How to Rhove

Save more while you rent. Enjoy the flexibility of renting, while saving for whatever's next.

  1. Set it
    Forget it

    Set It and Forget It

    Every month Rhove automatically transfers your recurring deposit into your Rhove Rewards account.

  2. Grow

    Grow Your Savings Monthly

    Always pay yourself first. Save for homeownership, to pay down debt, or for whatever is next.

  3. Earn

    Earn More with Rent to Earn

    Earn a dollar for dollar match, up to 2.5% of your rent. We reduce costs for property owners and pass those savings on to you.

Rent to Earn

We are on a mission to close the gap between renting and owning. Enjoy the flexibility of renting, while saving for whatever’s next.

  • Join the

    Rhove aligns the incentives of property owners and the community unlike ever before. Join us to close the gap between renting and owning.

  • Invent Your

    Save for your first home, for that next trip, or to pay off student loans. Cultivate the financial future you want while you rent.

  • You’re in

    Use your money how you want to. Vest into your match over time, then save it or spend it. Even if you move apartments, your money goes with you, no matter what.

  • Just

    Earn money from where you live without worrying about the chores or large expenses of homeownership. Rent where you want, save for what matters.

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