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Connect with the Rhove community,  raise awareness, and show developers in your community that ownership matters.

Rhove YIMBY - Yes in my background
YIMBY - Don't just advote, own. Invest with Rhove.

Don't Just Advocate. Own.

Support new housing developments while expanding access for you and your neighbors to own equity in your community.

YIMBY: Invest in what matters. Investing with Rhove.

Invest in What Matters

Turn your passion for improving your neighborhood into an opportunity to invest in the places you love.

Vote with  your dollars

Rhove is the first platform that connects YIMBY activists directly with the sponsors who build new housing. Invest in your community and say: Yesin my backyard!

Democracy is strongest when everyone has ownership. Rhove empowers you to invest in the places you love and build a new kind of community. Rhove enables you to invest in the places you love most. Be among the first to invest:

Invest in Real Estate

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