Rhove Earn: 5% APY 

Powered  by DeFi

High Yeild APY when you use Rhove

Build Your Portfolio with Higher Yield

Once you open an account, opt in to Rhove Earn to get higher yield on your account balance. Put your cash to work so you can invest in more of the places you love.

Unlike other options to earn interest, your Rhove Earn account is powered by DeFi which means you can earn a higher yield and withdraw at any time!

Powered by DeFi

Upgrade to Rhove Earn, harness the power of DeFi, and build your account balance to invest in real estate. Earn an interest rate 80x the average savings account;* among the highest rates available.

How to become an investor with Rhove

Compounded Daily

Rhove Earn offers daily compounding interest on your cash. Don’t let your savings collect dust in a traditional savings account–put your money to work with Rhove.

CeFi Meet DeFi

Fair and Flexible

With Rhove Earn, you earn yield in real time and can deposit or withdraw anytime.Use your cash to invest in the places you love, or for whatever matters most.

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earned on a deposit after 10 years

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