Own a Stake in Your Apartment.

Introducing Rentership (RNT). Reserve your spot to be among the very first to own a stake in your apartment.

How It Works

  • Rent

    Better than homeownership. It’s Rentership. Now you can own a stake in your apartment. Hold and earn, or sell anytime.

  • Earn

    Each RNT earns 5% annually, distributed quarterly. Hold onto your stake as long as you want, even if you move out you'll keep earning.

  • Grow

    Cash out anytime or hold your stake. The value of RNT is tied to the value of the property. If the value of the building increases, so will the value of your stake.

Why Rentership

We believe everyone has the right to invest in their home.

For too long, we have been left out of the ability to own in our community.

We’re changing that.

Rentership is a new way to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own a stake in their community.

It combines the benefits of renting with the financial rewards of owning.

For as little as $5, you can own a stake in your apartment building.

Real estate just got more inclusive.

Rentership Adds Up

The value of Rentership grows with your property. Let's say you buy $100 per month of RNT. In 5 years, you would have bought $6,000 in Rentership Units (RNT) which would generate $289 in cash yearly. If payouts were used to grow your RNT balance, you'd have $6,759 in RNT.3




$1,221 VALUE

$3,853 VALUE

$6,759 VALUE




Rentership. It's Better Than Homeownership.

All the Benefits of Renting

Rentership allows you to get a financial stake in your apartment, while keeping all of the benefits of renting, such as greater flexibility, more location options, and no maintenance costs. Many renters also have access to amenities that are out of reach for most homeowners, such as on-site fitness centers, in-ground pools, event spaces and more.

A New Asset That Pays

Rentership gives you a financial stake in your home without the hassle. You’ll earn quarterly payouts when you buy a Rentership stake in your apartment. Also, the value of your RNT is tied to the value of your property, which gives you the opportunity to earn more when the property sells — even if you no longer live in the building. Hold on to your stake or sell at any time. Use the cash for whatever you like, including a downpayment if you decide homeownership is right for you.

Less Liability than Homeownership

Renting is more affordable than buying a home in a majority of U.S. housing markets. It’s estimated that owning a home can be 40% more costly than renting a comparable property because of maintenance, insurance and taxes. Additionally, homeowners with a mortgage spend much of their monthly payment on interest to lenders without a guaranteed payout.

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