Own a Stake in Your Apartment

Get a 5% RNT Return plus the value changes with the value of the property. Hold and earn or sell anytime.

How It Works

  • Get RNT

    RNT is a unique asset that represents an economic stake in your apartment. Make one-time buys and monthly recurring.

  • Earn RNT Returns

    Each RNT earns a 5% RNT Return. That means every second as a stakeholder you'll earn cash. Keep earning RNT Returns even if you move out.

  • Grows With You

    If the building value appreciates, so does your RNT. When the building sells, you'll get cashed out. The more you have, the more you'll earn.1

Why Rentership

We Believe Everyone Has the Right to Own In Their Community

It’s during times of great difficulty that we must innovate. For too long we’ve been left out of the ability to own in our community.

That’s why we created Rentership.

A new way to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own a stake in their community.

It’s a unique asset that gives you an economic stake in the sale value of your apartment building.

And you can get it for as little as $1.

Real estate just got more inclusive.

Rentership Adds Up

The value of Rentership grows with your property. Let's say you buy $100 per month of RNT. In 5 years, you would have bought $6,000 in Rentership Units (RNT). If payouts were used to grow your RNT balance, you'd have $6,800 in RNT.1




$1,227.89 TOTAL VALUE

$3,875.33 TOTAL VALUE

$6,800.61 TOTAL VALUE




Does not account for potential appreciation of the property value. See disclosures.

Be More Than a Renter with Rentership

  • Everyone is a Stakeholder

    Anyone living at an apartment offering Rhove Rentership is a stakeholder. Just download the Rhove app to claim your stake today at no cost. It's all part of our mission to turn renters into owners.

Buy More, Get More

Build your stake on your own terms. Buying more RNT is easy. Each RNT is just $1 plus a small transaction fee. Want to get rid of fees? No problem. Set-up recurring purchases and buy RNT with zero fees.

Grow Your Stake Automatically

Just set an amount, link an account, and we do the rest. We even remove the fees. That’s right. When you set up monthly recurring RNT buys, your monthly purchases are fee free. It’s all part of our mission to turn renters into owners.

Instant RNT Ownership

The very second you buy RNT you’ll start earning a 5% RNT Return. No waiting. No mortgage. Have a financial stake in your home without the hassle.

  • Get a 5% Return

    Each RNT earns a 5% RNT Return. That means every second you hold RNT, you’ll earn cash. Money that never expires and has no limit to how much you can earn. Use it for whatever matters most. Restriction free.

  • Apartment Value and RNT Value, One and the Same

    The value of RNT changes with the property value. If the building value increases, so does your RNT value. That’s right, Rhove gives you a financial stake in the community you make better.

Now Available at Gravity

Where to Rhove


At Gravity, every resident is a stakeholder. Be more than a renter with Rhove. Hold and earn, or sell instantly.

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