Introducing Rhove.

Change the way you look at paying rent.


Rhove completely rethinks everything about renting vs. owning.

Like owning, it gives you cash for investing time and money into your home—but with the freedom and flexibility of renting.

That cash allows you to save for homeownership or whatever matters most.

All in a private and secure account held by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.2

Rhove is the very first cash rewards program for renting.

Why Doesn’t Life’s Biggest Cost 
Give You Rewards?

Most people spend over $200,000 renting. No wonder the average American has less than $400 saved. We believe it can be better. That’s why we created Rhove. It’s an app that lets you make money on rent. 

Pay Rent. Earn Cash.


  • 2.5% Monthly Cash Back.

    Rent anywhere Rhove is to earn cash. When you contribute money into your Rhove savings rewards account, your property will match those savings in an amount equal to 2.5% of your rent. The money you contribute is always yours. Unlock the match savings when you renew your lease.1

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  • Reach Your Savings Goals Faster.

    Rhove makes saving easy. Set a goal, a monthly deposit amount, and link your bank account. It’ll automatically save for you the first of every month. Save as much as you like. Stop at any point.

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Rent Today, Home Tomorrow.

Get there faster by turning your rent payment into a down payment. Rent with Rhove and we’ll drop Closing Credits into your Rhove account every month. When you're ready to buy a home, you can apply those credits towards your closing costs when you work with one of our partner realtors and lenders. 

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  • Built from the Ground Up to Be Private and Secure.

    The Rhove app is protected by biometric unlock, and if you ever lose your smartphone, no sensitive data is stored on the mobile device. Plus all of your funds are held by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.2

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  • No Fees. No Hidden Costs. Free to Start.

    It’s hard enough to save without all the fees. That’s why Rhove is free for renters. No hidden anything, and withdraw money at any point with no penalties. 

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Win Win with Rhove

Sound too good to be true? It's actually pretty simple. We work with apartments to save them money. Then give those savings to you. Everyone wins with Rhove.

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Got a Question?

We’re standing by! Chat with us live, email us at or browse a list of common questions renters have about Rhove. 

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