Introducing Rhove

We believe everyone has the right to own in their community


Completely Rethink Everything You Know About Renting vs. Owning

Get all the flexibility, location, amenities, services and maintenance free lifestyle you love with renting. And, like owning, get cash for putting time and money in your home.

For too long, you’ve been left without a real way to get ownership in your community.

Now, with Rhove, every renter is a stakeholder.

How Much Have You Spent Renting?

Renting is great for so many reasons. Making money is not one of them. Most people spend over $200,000 renting. No wonder the average American cannot afford a $400 emergency. We believe it can be better.

How to Rhove

  • Get RNT

    RNT is a unique asset that represents an economic stake in your apartment. Make one-time buys and monthly recurring.

  • Earn RNT Returns

    Each RNT earns a 5% RNT Return. That means every second as a stakeholder you'll earn cash. Keep earning RNT Returns even if you move out.

  • Grows With You

    If the building value appreciates, so does your RNT. When the building sells, you'll get cashed out. The more you have, the more you'll earn.1

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Get So Much More Renting Rhove


  • Be More Than a Renter with Rentership

    For the first time ever, renters have the ability to own a stake in their apartment—expanding access for everyone to own in their community. It’s better than homeownership. It’s Rentership.

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  • Get a Return, A RNT Return

    Each RNT earns a 5% RNT Return. That means every second you’ll earn cash as a stakeholder. Plus your RNT value changes with the property value. If the building value increases, so does your RNT.

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  • Rent and Own, Not Rent-to-Own

    With Rhove there’s no waiting to purchase the entire building to own in your community. You get a stake in your apartment instantly. From the beginning, you’ll earn a RNT Return.

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  • Built from the Ground Up to Be Private and Secure

    The Rhove app is protected by biometric unlock, and if you ever lose your smartphone, no sensitive data is stored on the mobile device. Plus all of your funds are held by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.3

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Win Win with Rhove

We work with forward-thinking apartment owners who care about their community residents.

How It Works

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