Make More than Money on Rent

Rhove is for forward-thinking communities interested in doing more than just collecting rent checks


Rhove Creates an Entirely New Way to Attract and Retain Residents

That provides monthly incentives and builds deep relationships with residents.

It gives your residents another reason to stay with you.

It gives you leads from listing on our exclusive platform.

All in one resident mobile app that integrates seamlessly with your property management system.

Why Settle for 50%, 55%, 60% 
Turnover Rates?

The average cost to turnover a unit is $2,400. No wonder growing revenue and staying cash flow positive is so challenging. We believe it can be better.

  • Get the Right Residents

    We know how hectic property management can be. Rhove guides potential residents through a series of questions to find out what community is the perfect match. We are here to make meaningful connections between property owners and residents.

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  • Build Brand Loyalty

    Managing multiple communities? Rhove encourages residents to choose your neighboring communities first if their needs ever change.

  • Help Residents Get Settled

    Rhove is selective of the communities we partner with so we can give them the time and attention needed for success. We regularly host and sponsor events and drop care packages. It’s all part of the Rhove-lution.

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Conscious Capitalism For The Win

Attracting, engaging and retaining the next generation of renters is a win-win. Cities are asking property owners to do more for the community. Be a part of the solution in housing by turning renters into stakeholders and increase the value of your property.

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Create more value by turning every renter into a stakeholder. Schedule a call for more information.

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