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Tips for Renting During COVID-19 Quarantine

Extra precautions, communication, technology, daily wellness habits and more.

April 7, 2020

Are you a renter? Here’s what to know about coronavirus

Extra precautions, communication, technology, daily wellness habits make life easier

While the coronavirus pandemic can make it an anxious time to be a renter, there are many resources available to make life more manageable.

Here’s what to know about paying rent, staying healthy, and much more:

Staying healthy

Be sure to check out the CDC’s website and heed their advice: Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, practice social distancing, clean and disinfect, and stay home if you’re sick.

Paying rent

Keep paying your rent if you’re able to. However, if you’ve fallen on hard times like many Americans, there are relief programs available for those in need. Many landlords are working with their residents to establish payment plans to help them through the pandemic. The National Apartment Association, which represents over 82,000 members and more than 10 million apartment homes, is encouraging all residents who are in financial distress to proactively reach out to their community managers. For those who do have concerns about their ability to pay rent in Franklin County, the Municipal Court has halted civil case hearings including for evictions. Furthermore, Fannie Mae and the Federal Housing Finance Agency are allowing lenders to grant forbearance to borrowers in certain properties for up to three months, as long as borrowers agree to suspend evictions of tenants who are facing financial hardship due to the crisis. If you’re worried about paying rent, check out this article (10TV) about where things stand during the COVID-19 emergency.


Be sure to watch for messages from your landlord. Follow them on social media, as they should be putting in place policies and procedures to address the novel coronavirus. Find out the extent to which the property management staff is operating, and expect for most non-essential maintenance to be deferred. 

If you’re still searching for an apartment, there may be options available as well. F&W Properties, for example, uses a sanitization system for keys, allowing prospective tenants to view apartments on a self-guided tours in order to maintain social distancing. Additionally, other apartment communities are using technology to enable you to virtually tour (more below).

Staying upbeat

Taking advantage of virtual amenities is a great way to weather the storm. Gravity in Franklinton has been engaging residents and social media followers with virtual exercise classes and much more. Are you stuck at home and unsure how to make the most of the situation? Take the #AtHomeChallenge and use this stay at home time to practice self-improvement. Although so much is being forced upon us, remember, we are still in control of our daily habits!


If your current lease is expiring but you’re just not ready for a move during shelter-in-place restrictions then you may want to talk to your landlord about a potential lease extension. If you’re ready to make a move then it’s best to embrace technology. Library Park, for instance, is offering live virtual tours on iPhone, Instagram, Android, and Facebook Messenger for the newly renovated apartments that open on May 1st. Additionally, many apartment owners have pre-recorded virtual tours of their properties, so be sure to visit their websites.


Model Kitchen at Library Park

Saving with Rhove

Rhove is here to help and our mission remains as urgent as ever. Even during normal times, the average American can’t afford a $400 emergency. Add this novel coronavirus shutdown to living paycheck to paycheck, and it’s a full-blown crisis for many. We are helping more people achieve freedom and financial stability through their home, contributing to people’s ability to save, grow wealth, and weather financial challenges. Rhove’s free mobile app is a great way to ensure your finances are in top-top shape. If you’re able to save money, it’s a way to grow your nest egg. As you contribute to your Rhove savings, participating properties offer cash back on rent to encourage you along the way. 

As you navigate these uncertain times, you’ll find that apartment communities are taking the coronavirus seriously while accommodating the needs of renters. 

Taking precautions, communicating openly, embracing digital technology, and forming daily wellness habits are all ways to make the most of this situation.

Rhove is loyalty rewards for renters. Unlike the traditional path to homeownership, Rhove provides an easy and rewarding way to save, invest, and plan for the future.