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The Round-up Volume 6: The Time for Change is Now

For too long, the average person has been denied access to real estate ownership because of outdated economic models. That just changed.

May 8, 2020

Welcome to The Round-Up, a newsletter for renters, homeowners, and everyone in between. This week, we’re thrilled to unveil Rhove’s latest innovation, and believe us when we say...This. Changes. Everything.

Own a stake in your apartment with Rentership. You read that correctly. Gone are the days of simply paying your landlord with no financial return. Now you can become a stakeholder in your apartment for as little as $5 with Rhove.

There’s nothing else like it, and it couldn’t come at a better time. For too long, the average person has been denied access to real estate ownership because of outdated economic models. Considering the last recession resulted in over $60 billion in real estate wealth transferring from Main Street to Wall Street, this time around we want to ensure the rich aren't the only ones getting richer.

That’s why Rhove is on a mission to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own in their community. We believe that everyone has the right to invest in their home and we won’t stop until that’s accomplished.

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Access & Opportunity

Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s during times of great difficulty that we must innovate. Hear from our CEO, Calvin Cooper, about why solutions in real estate are needed more urgently now than they ever have been.

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Change Needed

Nearly 50 million renters are currently living in a household impacted by immediate income loss, according to the Terner Center for Housing Innovation. Real estate desperately needs fresh solutions, and hardships like this only further exacerbate these underlying issues.

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Home Prices Still Rising

Amid the pandmeic, home prices actually ticked up nationally in late April. We're scratching our head too. According to, the median home list price increased 1.6% during the week ending April 25th, with new listings dropping more than 43%.

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Rentership is Here

For the first time, renters can become stakeholders in their city with Rentership (RNT).

RNT combines all of the benefits of renting with the financial opportunities of homeownership. Become a stakeholder and earn a return while you rent with RNT. You can become a stakeholder for as little as $5, without the large upfront cost, long term commitment, or headaches that come with traditional homeownership.

Reserve your spot in line today. For a limited time, earn priority access to RNT by referring your friends.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re like us, you believe necessity is the mother of invention. The financial stress felt by many of us during this pandemic has exposed the deep flaws in maintaining the status quo.

While life is far from the norm these days, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reshape our economy in ways that promote a more equitable society.

It has become overwhelmingly apparent that the line between owning and renting must be redefined. That’s why we knew it was time to announce Rentership. It's time for change. 🚀

Quote of the Week

“Ownership that's what you give your kids. That's your legacy.” -Prince