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The Round-Up Volume 19: Rentership Takes Flight

We knew the world needed Rentership, but we underestimated how quickly the world would agree with us.

November 19, 2020

Rentership was just an idea. Now, it’s a reality. We’ve created a new category in housing and empowered renters to own a stake in their homes 🏠.

Our vision is to turn every renter into an owner. With our expansion into Dayton, this opportunity will be made available to more people and we’re just getting started. By the end of 2021, renters in cities from coast to coast will become stakeholders.

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Expansion Plans

Have you heard the big news? Rentership is taking flight in the birthplace of aviation––Dayton, OH! ✈️

This marks our first expansion outside of Columbus, and we’ve partnered with Peak 10 Properties to bring Rentership to three communities in the Grafton Hill neighborhood.

The launch is a big deal for all of us at Rhove, and especially for our Co-founder and CEO, Calvin Cooper, who was born in Dayton and traces deep entrepreneurial roots in the Gem City.

"That is why I'm inspired about coming to Dayton," Calvin told the Dayton Business Journal.

Dayton will be the second market where Rentership is offered. We’re delighted by the opportunity to turn more renters into owners, and further deliver on our mission here at Rhove.

Although Dayton is the first market we’re expanding to outside of Columbus, it certainly won’t be the last. Help bring us to your neighborhood by reaching out and referring your community.

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Bold Moves Travel Fast 🗣️

The idea that every renter should be empowered to own a stake in where they live is resonating with people everywhere. We knew the world needed Rentership, but we underestimated how quickly the world would agree with us.

The love for Rentership is pouring in from Business Insider,, renters, property owners, and pretty much everyone who believes the binary choice between renting and owning has left us without any choice at all. To them, it is clear: a third category in housing is long overdue. Rentership emerged to solve a problem that has existed for decades.

"I've been inspired by how many owners have reached out to us," Calvin told a reporter. "We've heard from people in almost every major market, so I wouldn't be surprised if Rhove was in every corner of the U.S. in the next 12 to 24 months." 👀

Stay tuned for big news in the coming months.

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In Other News

  • There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s what you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccines in the works from Moderna and Pfizer.

  • Ohio is officially under a curfew (with Columbus and Franklin County under a stay-at-home advisory) to stem the tide of Covid-19. Here’s what you can and can’t do during overnight restrictions.

  • Manhattan landlords are resorting to freebies to fill apartments. In October, a record 60% of all new leases came with some kind of giveaway, like a free month’s rent, to sweeten the deal. 

  • Meanwhile, home prices are rising in literally every corner of the U.S.

  • Hundreds of companies that received Paycheck Protection Program loans have failed. As much as $509 million was lent to companies that ultimately went bankrupt due to the coronavirus crisis or a lack of additional stimulus.

New From Rhove

Dream, Declare, Deliver

We’re always working hard to provide our customers with the best experience possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to roll out a brand new set of tools in the Rhove app.

What better way to accelerate your path to success than by setting a goal with a hard deadline? Now you can create a total portfolio goal that includes both your cash balance and your RNT balance.

And that's not all. We also added tons of inspirational badges you can earn as a stakeholder with RNT. Because how else will you brag to your friends about crushing your goals?

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Parting Thoughts

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be expanding beyond Columbus––it means we have the opportunity to turn more renters into owners.

It means we’re bringing this game-changing innovation to a whole new group of people. We’re providing renters at three communities in Dayton with a third option––no longer do they have to choose between simply renting or owning.

Rentership is about solving more than a financial challenge—it’s about infusing a sense of citizenship and social responsibility. It’s about the opportunity to level up our identity as a stakeholder in our communities.

Rhove exists to build a better, more equitable future for everyone. And we won’t rest until we all have access and opportunity to own in our communities.

It’s hard to believe Rentership was introduced just a few short months ago, and during a global pandemic. But we’re proud to say we’re helping people during what’s been a challenging year. It’s during times of hardship that opportunities to disrupt the status quo emerge. It’s time real estate met us where we are, just like every other product and service in our lives. 🚀