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The Round-Up Volume 18: Shaping the Future

What if instead of taking sides against something, we locked arms in the name of progress?

October 21, 2020

What do we want our future to look like?

It’s a question we should be asking ourselves often, and certainly as we approach a general election in which we’ll select representatives who will shape policies for the next four years.

So, remember, our own voices matter in shaping the future 📣

With that, welcome to the Round-Up.

Feature Story

Shaping the Future

If you’re feeling uncertain about the future, you’re not alone.

From the economy to healthcare and climate change, there’s no clear direction for how the next few years will unfold.

Housing is one issue we’re watching closely. Will eviction moratoriums be extended into 2021? Will builders feel confident to construct the homes that are in such short supply? Will we finally commit to addressing housing affordability?

Let’s see how the issues you most care about stack up with young voters.

Reuters asked voters ages 18-34: If the 2020 presidential election were being held today, which of the following candidate traits would be the most important factor in deciding who to vote for?

  • Has a plan to recover from COVID-19: 25%

  • Strong on the economy and jobs: 20%

  • Strong on healthcare: 14%

  • Ability to restore trust in government: 14%

  • Strong on civil rights: 11%

  • Strong on climate change: 7%

  • Other: 8%

There’s clearly a lot riding on economic outlook—and for good reason. We know that a strong economy will be required to get people back to work. And into stable housing. As most of you know by now (we hope!), housing is not only the cornerstone of the American Dream it is also a basic human need. If we fail to address the massive challenges in housing––the lack of entry level homes, the lack of affordable housing, the increasing cost of housing relative to wage growth––we’ll watch the wealth gap widen even further.

Ahead of Thursday’s final presidential debate, here’s where Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand on key issues.

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Economic News

Pre-Election Stimulus?

It looked like it was off... Then it looked like it was back on… Then off… Now?

It’s anyone’s best guess. The waiting game continues for a second round of economic stimulus as Americans suffer from Covid-19 fallout. Many appear to have given up hopes of stimulus.

Click here for the latest update.

Oh, and President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi apparently are not on speaking terms (which seems like an efficient way to run a government 🤔). 

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In Other News

  • Credit scores have actually gone up since the pandemic started. Government stimulus checks and expanded unemployment benefits have allowed borrowers to keep up with their bills and pay down debt. But that hardly seems sustainable.

  • Housing Starts rebounded from last month. The 1.9% increase was unsurprisingly driven by an outsized change in single-family home starts (+8.5%), while new multifamily activity continued to decrease. 

  • Remote work comes with some good and some bad. Here’s what people are saying about the pros and cons.

  • Investors are worried about the impacts of Covid-19 on New York City’s commercial real estate market.

  • Rhove Investor and Co-founder, Brett Kaufman shares the story of his transition from banker to real estate developer with Business Insider

New From Rhove

Growth, Progress, Rentership.

In the latest installment of our Learn series, we talk about the value of growing your Rentership stake in the Rhove app.

It’s like Benjamin Franklin said: “without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” ↗️

At Rhove, we’re just as passionate about growth—especially when it comes to getting the most out of Rentership. If you’re interested in learning how you can maximize owning a stake in the place you call home, look no further.

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Parting Thoughts

What if we don’t have to stand back and watch the future unfold? What if we use our love and light to shape it? What if instead of taking sides against something, we locked arms in the name of progress? 🌎 

Our vision for the world is that one day every renter will be an owner. The reason we brought Rhove into existence is to build a better, more equitable future for everyone. And we will not rest until we all have access and opportunity to own in our communities.

Housing is just one piece of the puzzle, albeit a pivotal one. There are many challenges our great nation is facing and, now more than ever, we must unify and overcome. The USA has been a great civilization because of our ability to lock arms and attack a common goal. Now’s the time to remember that.

We all have a say in making a better future, so get out and vote 🗳️