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Rhove Savings Rewards

Get a 1.6% annual savings bonus, take the hassle out of saving with automatic deposits, and accelerate your path toward your goals with Rhove.

July 23, 2019

If you’re inclined to rent rather than own, you’re not alone. Many are drawn to the convenience of not having the responsibility and cost of maintaining a home, the flexibility of simply picking up and moving after a lease expires, the sense of community around common spaces, and the ability to live in dense walkable areas without the prohibitive cost of ownership.

The problem is, there hasn’t always been a great way to build savings while renting.

That’s why we created Rhove Savings Rewards. Anyone can download Rhove to effortlessly build savings toward important life events, like buying your first home. That’s right — it’s finally possible to enjoy the accommodating lifestyle of renting while creating a more secure financial future for yourself.

Rhove makes renting more rewarding no matter where you live. So even if you’re not quite ready to move to one of our partner properties, you can start saving more just by downloading Rhove. When you download the app you’ll get access to automatic deposits and a 1.35% annual savings bonus — much higher than the typical savings account. It’s completely free to join, and there is no minimum balance required to get started. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Download Rhove.
  2. Link your bank account and setup a monthly recurring deposit.
  3. Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest.

You can easily track your savings progress and even personalize your Rhove profile by telling us what you’re saving for — because research suggests that by simply writing down a savings goal you’re more likely to achieve it.

You still enjoy flexibility with Savings Rewards, so withdraw your money whenever you like and for whatever reason. There are zero fees and zero penalties.

Rhove was created on the belief that renting should be more rewarding. It begins with Rhove Savings Rewards, so take the first step toward planning and saving for whatever’s next. Download Rhove today.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Rhove Savings Rewards and that you follow us for more useful content. Be sure to check out Rent Rewards to learn more about how you can earn a savings match of 2.5% of your rent. Check out our partner properties and the communities where we currently have partner properties in Columbus: Downtown, Franklinton, Short North, Grove City, and Minerva Park.