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Own a Stake in Your Apartment

May 6, 2020

The time for change is now. It’s during times of uncertainty that we have the greatest opportunity to rebuild our economy in ways that better meet our needs. That’s why Rhove is excited to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own in their community by launching Rentership.

Rentership gives you the ability to own a stake in your home without the risks and responsibilities of buying a home. Buying a stake in an apartment provides you a cash return, plus the value of your stake is tied to the value of the property.

Reserve your spot in line for Rentership by visiting our website. If you’d like to see us in your community, introduce us to your property owner or leasing agent.

Rentership gives you the ability to own a stake in your home without the risks and responsibilities of buying a home.

Here’s How It Works

If you live at a participating property, you’ll have the opportunity to buy Rentership Units (RNT) in your apartment building. Each RNT represents a stake in the property that pays cash returns quarterly in addition to a fractional stake in the property value when it’s sold. RNT can be redeemed at any time via the Rhove app.

Consider the following example:

By contributing $100 per month, you’d buy $6,000 in Rentership Units (RNT) in 5 years, which would generate $289 in annual cash returns. If you received a 5% RNT return in quarterly payments for 5 years, the total value of your RNT holdings would be $6,759. You could hold the RNT and earn cash returns every year until the property is sold, or redeem the value of your RNT for cash at any time.

Example: Buy $100 Rentership Units (RNT) per month for 5 years
  • Year 1: $1,200 RNT value, generating $21 distribution in year 1
  • Year 3: $3,853 RNT value, generating $148 distribution in year 3
  • Year 5: $6,759 RNT value, generating $289 distribution in year 5

*The total value may be higher or lower. This is a conservative estimate that does not account for the potential growth in the sale value of the property. The estimate assumes 5% distributions paid quarterly are recycled to purchase additional RNT and that quarterly payouts are rounded down to the nearest dollar.


The Benefits Of Rentership Over Homeownership

Rentership is the opportunity to own a stake in your home without having to risk everything on it. This is good news, especially for those who rent by choice.

People are beginning to realize that buying a home isn’t the financial investment it’s cracked up to be. Only 48% of millennials believe that buying a home is a good investment and nearly two-thirds of millennial homeowners regret buying their home.

Here’s why:

  1. Lower Monthly Cost — Renting is more affordable than buying a home in nearly 50% of U.S. housing markets. It’s estimated that homeownership can be 40% more costly than a comparable rental property. Money saved by renting could be used in other ways to get a higher return.
  2. No Maintenance Costs — Homeowners can expect to spend north of 1% of their home value annually on maintenance and repairs. When you rent a property, your landlord pays for maintenance and repairs.
  3. Greater Flexibility — Renters usually have a 12 month lease. This offers the freedom to move without the hassle of selling a home. This comes in handy during good times and bad.
  4. Less Risk — Last year, nearly 10% of U.S. residential properties were seriously underwater and that was before the Covid-19 pandemic. Renting doesn’t require risking tens of thousands of dollars on a single property.
  5. Access to Amenities — Luxuries that would be unattainable for most homeowners are often accessible to renters. Imagine having to buy a home with an onsite fitness center, in-ground pool, event space etc.
  6. Location — There are often more options to rent in walkable neighborhoods close to work, restaurants, entertainment, parks, and other desirable community assets.

While renting has many advantages, spending over $200,000 in lifetime rent without a financial return doesn’t feel like much of a bargain. A main drawback to traditional renting is that there was no way to get a return on your monthly rent payment… until now.

Time for Change

The last recession resulted in over $60 billion in real estate wealth transferring from Main St. to Wall St. We can’t let that happen again in the next recovery.

For too long, the average person has been shut out of property ownership because of outdated economic models. Necessity is the mother of invention and a paradigm shift is urgently needed in real estate.

That’s why Rhove is on a mission to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own in their community. We believe that everyone has the right to invest in their home.

Rentership is not just a new product; it’s a new category. This is the opportunity to be more than a renter.

Join us.

Learn more at Reserve your spot in line and be the first to know when an apartment offering Rentership is available near you. If we’re not in your community, introduce us to your property owner and we’ll do our best to make Rhove available to you soon.

Rentership (rent·​er·​ship) (noun) The amenity, act, state, or right of a renter to receive future rebates, cash, value, or distributions from a rental property, including a distribution proportional to the value of the property upon sale.