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YIMBYs Are Disrupting Real Estate Investing

The future of our communities will be defined by our willingness to say "Yes In My Backyard."

June 16, 2021

America has a severe housing crisis, but we can all help solve it. 

Our country is nearly 4 million single-family homes short of satisfying demand—the result of underbuilding amid a corrosive “Not In My Backyard” attitude—and the challenge has become more urgent with the economic effects of the pandemic heaped on top. As prices skyrocket, the historical key to wealth generation in America—homeownership—has been ripped away from young people, along with their ability to invest in all types of real estate. 

The solution to this massive challenge lies in our willingness to say “Yes In My Backyard.”

By removing barriers to homebuilders and apartment developers, we can drive down housing costs that have been artificially inflated by supply constraints and Wall Street hedge funds' bulk-buying. And, contrary to opposition from the NIMBY crowd, building new, more attainable housing has been proven to increase surrounding property values without the unfounded effects of rising crime.

At its core, the YIMBY movement is a way for all of us to do better. It appeals especially to young people who have been negatively impacted by the economic, societal, and environmental trends of the past decade or so. To be a YIMBY is to want more for your neighborhood and your future.

At the same time that real estate has become an increasingly exclusive investment opportunity, young generations are making far less from other investments like stocks and bonds. There is no simple way to build wealth anymore.

But the YIMBY movement could spark the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Millennials and Gen Z want to invest in their futures in meaningful ways, and a new paradigm is emerging. The socially conscious, experience-based spending of young people could forever change the way we invest in real estate.

For a long time, the “American Dream” meant huge houses on sprawling suburban lots—a large environmental footprint that no longer makes sense. Multifamily properties, in communities with dense, walkable areas, will provide more stability for the future. And many young people have realized this.

Rhove is committed to giving people the chance to invest in creating more places like this.

We are helping lower the cost of financing these much-needed multifamily developments while giving young people access to investing in what matters. Instead of imposing hefty fees that only wealthy “accredited investors” can afford, we eliminate all costly barriers. We are empowering you to own real estate within your community and across the country. It is about our commitment to providing fair and equitable access to housing in all communities.

Housing is the foundation of everything. And we sincerely believe that building more housing is a fundamental need that will benefit everyone as we recover from the pandemic. The addition of new housing revitalizes and strengthens communities while providing an opportunity for young people to invest in a meaningful future.

Say “Yes In My Backyard” by investing in the places you love and supporting the creation of more housing. Download Rhove and connect with a community of people who are passionate about building new real estate, expanding access to ownership, and being a part of the growth of our communities.

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