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Unlocking Multifamily Investment

For too long, only the wealthy could earn value from new developments in our communities. Now, we’re giving everyone a seat at the table.

April 27, 2021

You can see it, touch it, and feel it. You can live there, shop there, even raise a family there. Multifamily real estate is a growing sector in urban neighborhoods across the US. These iconic assets that often come to define neighborhoods can also be highly attractive opportunities––for accredited investors. We’re here to bring these opportunities to The People.

Multifamily real estate has been doing well for a long time, largely because it’s viewed as an extremely durable asset. In addition to providing the highest annual returns of any real estate investment for the last few decades, the multifamily market emerged from both the 2001 and 2008 economic recessions quickly and with a vengeance. Even in 2020, a year of unprecedented economic challenges, Freddie Mac made a record $82.5 billion in multifamily loan purchases. 

While the median sale price for a home has steadily gone up for the past decade, the American renter population has continued to increase over that same span of time, and renting now defines the lifestyle preferences for generations of young people. Demand for multifamily real estate developments in neighborhoods of all kinds will likely continue to rise across the country—and so will the value those developments create.

Multifamily developments don’t only yield financial returns. Projects like Gravity in Franklinton, OH can have profound positive effects on their surrounding communities’ identities as well as their economies. These community-centric developments make our neighborhoods more vibrant, they connect people in a way that transcends neighborliness, and they’re aesthetically iconic. To own a piece of these monumental properties is to own a piece of your community’s culture. Everyone deserves to experience that level of ownership. 

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More than a Building

Simply put, multifamily assets aren’t just apartments that cashflow and appreciate in value. They carry with them a great deal of economic, social, and personal value. But legal complications, costly minimum buy-ins, and privileged investing networks have made ownership of these landmark developments increasingly exclusive.

Until now. By combining technology and regulatory innovations, Rhove has created an unprecedented way to expand access to multifamily investment. We’re opening the doors to wealth creation for everyone—not just those who are already wealthy—and we’re doing it by making investing in our communities fast, easy, and social. 

Everyone deserves to experience ownership. Now, we can.

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