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Getting Started with Rhove

Rhove is revolutionizing the way we think about real estate, investing, and ownership.

June 29, 2021

What does ownership mean to you?

To us, it means having stability and a sense of belonging in our communities. With ownership comes autonomy, wealth, and the opportunity to have a say in your future. It’s no wonder we talk about it so much!

Unfortunately, ownership is also in short supply these days. We stream our TV and music, we rent our cars and living spaces, and only a small group of people has the privilege to own the properties in our neighborhoods. What we own defines our positions in society—and when people don’t own much, they feel like they don’t have a seat at the table.

At Rhove, we believe everyone deserves to experience ownership. That’s why we’re on a mission to expand access and opportunity for everyone to invest in the places they love. 

Rhove makes investing in the places you love a neighborly experience.

Getting Started

How Rhove Works

Real estate has been considered a great investment for years. It’s more stable, it doesn’t correlate with the stock market, and it typically earns high long-term returns. In fact, the average annual return of commercial real estate investments over the past 25 years outperformed the S&P 500 with rates of approximately 10%. 

The problem? Only a small, privileged group of investors traditionally has access to earn value from these assets. In other words, one of the most reliable paths for wealth creation has not been available for those who could benefit most from it. Until now. 

Rhove is revolutionizing real estate investing by bringing investors and sponsors together in the same space, working towards the same goal: building community.

For you and your neighbors, this means unprecedented access to own a piece of the places you love. Once you create a Rhove account, you’ll be able to explore properties across the country that are selling equity on our platform and invest in them with the click of a button. It’s fast, easy, and accessible, the way ownership should be.

When you own equity in these buildings, two things happen:

  1. Your investment in the property can appreciate over time. That means you are entitled to a portion of the potential profits when the property is refinanced or sold. Historically, real estate developments are almost always funded by investors who are already wealthy or part of a privileged network of fundraisers. Now, everyday people can own a piece of the immense value that these buildings accumulate. You can sell your equity at any time to others on the platform, or purchase more to grow your stake in the building.

  2. Your investment can also earn cashflow distributions, which means not only can your investment appreciate over time, but you'll also have the opportunity to generate cash from the net income of the property. Cash distributions are deposited into your Rhove account when income is generated by the underlying real estate assets you've invested in.

This new kind of ownership does more than help you build wealth, though. When people have the opportunity to invest in real estate, they’re empowered to decide the future of their neighborhoods. As people increasingly invest in projects that align with their values, projects that are responsible, innovative, and good for the environment tend to come out on top.

For sponsors, Rhove provides an opportunity to unlock the value of their real estate assets while building important relationships with investors. Our platform provides an easy and cost-effective process for raising capital, selling equity, and accessing a previously untapped audience of potential investors. 

As sponsors raise capital and investors seek ownership, Rhove empowers both to benefit. Our communities are stronger when we all have ownership. Now, accessing that ownership is easier than ever.

Create a Rhove Account

A Whole New World of Investing

So Rhove gives neighbors ownership of our neighborhoods and empowers sponsors to connect with the community. Awesome! 

But… What's with the “Follow” buttons?

We designed Rhove to be a social experience because, well, that’s how neighborhoods work. We believe that, when given the right tools, communities are able to thrive and build powerful connections with one another regardless of their location or background. When you create a Rhove account, you’re joining a network of people actively collaborating to fund projects and expand ownership for all.

Think about it. What if we pooled our collective resources and love for our communities and directed it toward building a better, more inclusive world? What if our cities’ skyscrapers, apartment buildings, breweries, and even stadiums were owned by the people who know and love them?

Rhove is truly opening real estate investing to the world. With more autonomy and control than other investing platforms and an intimate social network that fosters strong community building, we’ve created a world of investing unlike any other.

How to Invest

Set Yourself Up for Success

Setting up your Rhove account will feel a little different from other investing platforms. For one, you’ll be creating a profile with a username and bio so the Rhove community can get to know you better. Once you’ve completed your profile, you can explore all of the properties on the app and indicate interest to invest in them.

You’ll also be able to follow the sponsors who inspire you so you never miss when they post new investment opportunities. Get to know the properties that interest you with financial details, assessments, and other materials sponsors have shared to help you familiarize yourself with the community.

Early Rhovers will be the first to know when investing is live in the app. You can set up your account right now so you’re ready to invest the second a deal is posted. Plus, when you share Rhove with your friends using the link on your Rewards page, each of you earns $5 to invest on the platform! That’s easy money that you can then put back into the places you love.

Which properties are worth the investment? Well, that’s up to you! But if you’re new to the world of real estate, we have tons of tips for how to evaluate a high-quality commercial real estate investment. We even wrote a whole investment thesis for how we think about multifamily real estate markets. But if you’re not a real estate investing fanatic like we are, here’s your TL;DR:

Wherever innovative startups are emerging and venture capital investments are flowing, high-quality multifamily real estate developments are sure to follow. This is because startups thrive in cities where 1) lots of young, talented STEM labor exists and 2) natural and cultural amenities are abundant. Some cities on our watch list include Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, and Salt Lake City. 

The beauty of Rhove, though, is that you can invest in any place you’d like. Now anyone has the freedom to participate in the real estate market in a new and exciting way. You can build wealth no matter who you are and invest in the places you love alongside a community of individuals who want to see their neighborhoods thrive.

Join us and discover what ownership really means to you.

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