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Claim Your Stake. Grow Your Stake.

January 18, 2021

What if you could own a stake in your apartment? 

It started with that simple, timely question. Ownership has become so far out of reach for most of us that it just feels unattainable. But the idea of ownership is no less important.

Ownership is about so much more than finance. It expands our sense of citizenship and social responsibility while more deeply connecting us to the place we call home. 

That’s why we envision a world where every renter is an owner.

Rentership is simple.

Rhove lets you own a stake in your apartment without the upfront costs of buying a home. Keep the flexibility, location, and maintenance-free lifestyle you love while growing an economic stake in your apartment.

Here’s how it works.

Rhove partners with property owners to buy an economic stake in your apartment complex's sale value. Then we create Rentership units (RNT) for your apartment complex. There’s a finite amount and each RNT is unique. As soon as you claim your initial stake at no cost, you’ll start earning 5% on your stake each year. These payments—called your 5% RNT Returnare paid out monthly in cash.

In addition to a RNT Return, the value of each RNT can increase with the value of your apartment complex. That’s because RNT is tied to the value of your apartment complex.

You can sell RNT anytime, or hold RNT as long as you want. If you ever want to sell your RNT, you can do so instantly, anytime. If your apartment complex is sold or refinanced, your stake is purchased from you at the new price. And if you’re moving out, but you still want to hang onto your stake, you'll keep earning RNT Returns. Once you move out you just cannot buy any additional RNT.

This isn’t Rent-to-Own, it’s so much better. 

With Rhove, there’s no long-term commitment or waiting period. You get a stake in your apartment instantly. From the beginning, you’ll earn a RNT Return. When the building is sold or refinanced you'll participate in the upside. Simple as that.

Grow your stake.

The only thing better than claiming a stake in the place you call home is growing that stake.

You can buy more RNT for $1 each whenever you'd like. Just like monthly payments for homeowners, you can set monthly recurring RNT buys right in the Rhove app. Automatically grow your stake to create even more value while you rent. It couldn’t be easier.

Consider the possibilities. 

Let's say you buy $100 of RNT every month. In 5 years, you’d have acquired $6,000 worth. If you use your 5% RNT Return payouts to further grow your balance, you’d have $6,800 in RNT at the end of those 5 years. And this doesn’t even account for the potential appreciation of your apartment complex’s value!

Claim your stake. Grow your stake. No stakes in the ground. 

Get Rhove today.

Before Rhove there were only two types of people—renters and owners. Now you can maintain all of the benefits of renting, while owning a stake in your apartment.

What are you waiting for? Download the Rhove app and claim your stake today. If you’re a proud owner of RNT, grow your stake by setting up recurring monthly buys in the app.

It’s time every renter participates in their community in a meaningful economic and social way.

Become more than a renter. Don't just rent, Rhove.