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Dream, Declare, Deliver

Set a goal in the app––future you will thank you later.

November 16, 2020

What better way to accelerate your path to success than by setting a goal and assigning a deadline? Great news––we've got you covered. Now you can create a total portfolio goal that includes both your cash balance and your RNT balance. That's not all! We added a ton of new badges to earn with RNT to make your experience fresh and rewarding.

New Features

Reach Your Goals with Rhove

If you're anything like us, you're constantly thinking about the future. How might you shape your actions today to make a better tomorrow, for yourself and for those around you? The best way to ensure success? Set a goal, commit to an end-date, and write it down. It's amazing what the power of this strategy can do to actualize a goal.

Check out the custom goal feature in the Rhove app. Now you can set a goal including your total portfolio balance––your cash and your RNT combined!

Always stay on-top of your progress with the Custom Goal tracker. You can check on it anytime in the app to view how you are doing.

Let's see how quickly you can reach your goals. We'll send you updates, and we'll even be there at the finish line to congratulate you and celebrate.

Set a Goal

All New Badges

What's better than achieving a goal? You guessed it...getting a badge to prove it. Now you can revel in sweet victory with a whole set of new badges when you become a stakeholder with RNT. Show off to your friends, or prove to Mom and Dad that you're adulting with Rentership.

See New Badges

Fee-Free RNT

Once you set a goal, we are with you every step of the way to help you achieve it.

When you setup recurring RNT buys you'll get fee-free RNT. That's right. Zero fees!

We're on a mission to empower every renter to be an owner, and fee-free RNT is just another aspect of delivering on that mission.

We created recurring RNT buys so you can decide on a strategy that works best for you, and then execute on it without having to think about it every month. We've found this strategy can help you increase your chances of sticking to your plan.

Like with your custom goal, we'll update each month as your stake grows. Not only will you grow your stake––and ultimately how much value you can create for yourself––but you'll also increase the amount of RNT Return you receive each month. Over time this really can add up!

Head to the app to setup a recurring RNT buy. We'll take care of the rest.

Get Fee-Free RNT