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Rhove is a Win-Win

Rhove turns renters into owners, so it’s no surprise they love it. But what about property owners? Are they giving up a stake in their property for nothing in return? Far from it.

January 23, 2021

Brett Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Kaufman Development, talks about why he and fellow property owners love Rhove.

When we launched Rhove at the Gravity community on the 4th of July this year, we knew it would be a no-brainer for its residents (and, now, many other communities) to grab a stake in their home. All the flexibility, amenities, and freedoms of renting combined with the appeal of ownership… what’s not to like? Considering most people spend about $200,000 on rent in their lifetimes, we think an ownership stake isn’t too much to ask—Rhove is just the innovation we needed.

The big question was how property owners would react to this game-changing idea. Why would they disrupt the status quo, many wondered. What’s in it for them?

Who better to answer that question than Brett Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Kaufman Development and a Co-founder of Rhove. After we launched at Gravity, Brett joined us for the inaugural Gravity Stakeholder Meeting––an exclusive gathering of Gravity stakeholders––to reveal why he’s so enthusiastic about Rhove.

Elevating the Human Experience

What if we ask more of the place we call home?

Brett’s part of a new breed of forward-thinking property owners who see apartments as more than just four walls and a roof. They’re homes, communities, and places for deeply human experiences.

“Everything we’re trying to do is to make the human experience a better one.”

 -Brett Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Kaufman Development

Brett espouses the art of living intentionally and embraces an ethos of engaging and connecting with people where they live, including financially. He knows property owners benefit when their residents benefit. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

So, there are many reasons for property owners to love Rhove, all serving to elevate the human experience:

  • Inspire a stakeholder mindset: Enhance value in the community by empowering residents with a stakeholder mindset and aligning their interests with the success of their property.

  • Co-create value alongside residents: Be part of the solution communities are increasingly asking for and cultivate goodwill by turning renters into owners.

  • Provide a differentiated amenity: Better than a one-time offer, Rhove addresses the evolving needs of today’s renters.

  • Attract residents: Decrease marketing and acquisition costs. Turn concessions into an opportunity to transform lives.

  • Retain residents: Promote longer tenancy with annual grants, and an engaging financial amenity. Turn renters into brand advocates and achieve high-quality tenancy.

Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic and economic downturn, property owners are realizing the need to connect with their residents at a human level. Rhove makes real estate less transactional, more empathetic, and more personal. And that’s a win-win.

Many visionary property owners have joined Brett in embracing this new category of housing, allowing respect and empathy to flow both ways and create lasting value.

When we set out to turn every renter into an owner, we knew the only way to do it was to create a win-win framework. A symbiotic relationship, so to speak. 

Come join us and experience what it’s like to own a stake in your community. To be part of a team of renters and property owners, together redefining the way we live.