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The Arts and Culture Vibe in Franklinton

Franklinton Series Part 4

June 30, 2019

In this Franklinton Series, we’re highlighting all the great things going on in Columbus’ oldest neighborhood. From the critically acclaimed National Veterans Memorial and Museum and the scenic Scioto Mile to trendy new bars and restaurants, there’s a lot to see and do in Franklinton — all within walking distance.

This Arts-and-culture focused edition of the Franklinton Series highlights all of the cultural experiences and artistic sights you won’t want to miss.

Photo taken at Gravity, one of Franklinton’s most interesting and unique apartment communities.

Franklinton is a haven for artists, entrepreneurs and creators — a place where these people not only work and collaborate but where they call home.

This arts-and-culture foundation, unlike any throughout Columbus, is proving to be a catalyst for broader activity. It is less commercialized than the Short North, a popular neighborhood that was grown from a creative base during its own rapid ascension, and continues to draw more artisans by the day.

Within just a few blocks of Franklinton, there’s more to explore than can fit into a day: 400 West Rich Street, Chromedge, Idea Foundry, Glass Axis, The Vanderelli Room, Franklinton Playhouse, COSI and National Veterans Memorial & Museum, to name a few.

A true experience

One of the most remarkable aspects of Franklinton’s creative essence is the incredible access and approachability for transplants and visitors alike. Whether it’s a glassmaking class at Glass Axis or an intimate show at Franklinton Playhouse, everyone can feel like they belong.

It’s an intentional vibe at the 400 West Rich arts complex, home to more than 140 Columbus-based artists, craftsmen, designers and performers and a hub for the creative class to meet and collaborate.

“Here in the Franklinton neighborhood, we cooperate with the good members of our community to do more,” 400 West Rich says. “We seek to give visitors the opportunity to explore and delve into the arts culture of Columbus. With events such as Franklinton Fridays, we build relationships with groups and individuals to share an experience that can’t be encountered anywhere else.”

Check out the 400 West Rich blog, see upcoming events or get to know resident creators like Katya:

“You may have had the opportunity to see Katya’s work through a variety of pop-up events around Columbus! A mixed-media artist by heart, every project is a labor of love supporting individual identity. With a focus on the handcrafted, Katya pulls textile materials and jewelry from all walks of life, beautifying the world in the process. If you visit her 400 studio, you’ll be able to peek a glance at her greatest project, transforming a blank slate to a boutique destination.”

Only a five minute walk away, the Idea Foundry is just as welcoming for both visitors and new makers.

The city’s first and largest “maker space” has the tools and technology, spaces and teachers to help people explore their creativity and passions, from welding and furniture making to drone building and video game production.

“The Idea Foundry is a community of makers, designed to help you explore new ideas and unleash your passion to make things… our community of artists, artisans, techies, and entrepreneurs are ready to help.”

See it first-hand

Franklinton is not just a place to read about, but one that needs to be experienced. There’s an incomparable creative energy, yet the neighborhood is welcoming and unpretentious.

So go out and spend a day exploring the museums and installations, or meeting with the artists and creators.

Schedule a tour at one of the many attractions or just drop in to take a look!

Are you interested in learning more about the neighborhood? Check out why so many more young professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs are calling Franklinton home in our Franklinton Series.

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