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Franklinton Series Recap

In this series, we’ve given readers the low-down on Franklinton, which happens to be not just one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Columbus but also the oldest.

August 12, 2019


There’s so much going on in Franklinton that it’s hard to capture it all in a five-part series. It’s worth seeing for yourself, so we hope you’ve been inspired to visit this historic, eccentric and centrally located community that’s experiencing a remarkable renaissance.

There’s truly something for everyone.

We detailed the rich history of Columbus’ oldest neighborhood and highlighted the trove of cool drinking and dining spots like Roosevelt Coffeehouse and Land-Grant Brewing Company. We told you about all the arts and culture destinations, like COSI and 400 West Rich Street, and we listed all the exciting events going on, from the Columbus Pride Festival and Columbus Arts Festival to Franklinton Fridays.

This neighborhood is historic but fresh. It is evolving daily with people who want to be part of the vibrancy and feel a sense of community, making it a hotspot for the creative class. Perhaps the most exciting part is that the best is yet to come for Franklinton, with 2019 in particular being called a year of transformation.

Many new residents are coming to the neighborhood and joining great communities like Gravity, where there are tremendous amenities coupled with unbeatable proximity to Downtown. Mixed-use developments are popping up all over Franklinton, and major employers are investing in the neighborhood, creating a density that is so critical to lively, walkable neighborhoods.

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