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Life in Downtown Columbus

Part 1: Introduction

September 3, 2019

Join us to explore the epicenter of Columbus. In four segments we’ll introduce you to the series and detail the area’s remarkable evolution before highlighting the serene parks and wonderful event venues that Downtown has to offer. Thanks for checking out our Downtown Series and be sure to follow Rhove for tips on living your best life as a renter.

For decades, downtown Columbus simply wasn’t an appealing place to hang out, much less so to live. The only real activity downtown consisted of the daytime work crowds shuffling in and out of high-rise buildings around the Statehouse. People like to say the sidewalks “rolled up” at 5 pm.

How times have changed.

Over the course of the past decade, downtown Columbus has blossomed into a vibrant district of a diverse set of restaurants, trendy bars and cultural attractions, truly becoming one of best places to live in the city, and even in all of the Midwest.

The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable, and the vibrancy of the neighborhood continues to improve by the day. Consider these statistics, as reported by the Capitol Crossroads & Discovery Special Improvement Districts:


2008: 5,314
2018: 9,000

Major investments

2008: $63 million
2018: $299 million

Downtown’s evolution is highlighted by some of the recent real estate developments and new restaurants that have started popping up, as well as by the myriad of entertainment options, shopping destinations, and other attractions that continue to open up shop.

One of these game-changing additions to downtown Columbus has been the opening of the Scioto Mile in 2015. The 175-acre urban oasis along the Scioto River is among the parks and public spaces detailed in our third part of the Downtown Series.

In addition to the Scioto, there are a ton of wonderful event venues around downtown Columbus, including the new National Veterans Memorial & Museum and two historic theaters.

Thanks for checking out the Downtown Columbus Series and we hope you’re inspired to visit!

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