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Black Lives Matter

Now is the time for action.

June 3, 2020

Now is the time for action. We stand in solidarity with millions of Americans taking a stand against racism and police brutality. We support and are thankful for the tireless efforts of a wide coalition of protestors seeking immediate justice for George Floyd and his family, and demand long term solutions to stop racial injustice.

Black people have raised concerns for too long without meaningful change. We are hopeful that this time will be different. What brings us hope are the business leaders and politicians speaking out who have never spoken out before. The many allies speaking up for the first time. The police officers walking with and kneeling beside protestors. And the legislation and proposals being introduced at all levels of government to advance police reform.

However, peaceful demonstrations have, in some cases, descended into violence and destruction. We cannot let the actions of a few distract us from the urgent change that is needed. We should let our desire to first thoroughly address the legitimate concerns of our citizens supersede any desire for a premature end to peaceful protest. Facilitating the space for free speech to be heard is difficult and requires incredible sacrifice. We thank those first responders (and their families) who seek to protect community and property, while embodying the values of duty, service, and empathy. However, we stand against those that contribute to the cycle of destruction and violence through the excessive use of force.

Systemic racism has been part of our country since its inception. It’s ripple effect permeates deeply across all aspects of American life. It not only means facing a threat of an unfair justice system and fear of police brutality, but it also means that Black people are continually denied equal access to economic opportunity. It is important that we all play a role to advance efforts that will create a more equitable society. That is why we are on this mission. Expanding access for everyone to own a stake in their community has to be part of the solution.

While our vision is to turn every renter into an owner, being a stakeholder in your community is about so much more than finance. Ownership deeply binds us to our neighbors. It empowers us to think toward the future, to find ways to collectively build a safe community for everyone. Ownership expands our sense of mutual responsibility, accountability, and destiny. 

Once we address the immediate struggle for racial justice, it is important to expand our support for civil rights into the second phase of economic justice, a critical next step advocated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. before his untimely death. 

“The tragedy is that not only the poor, the nearly poor, and the once poor, but all Americans, are the victims of our failure as a nation to distribute democratically the fruits of our abundance. For, directly or indirectly, not one of us is untouched by the steady spread of slums, the decay of our cities, the segregation and overcrowding of our public schools, the shocking deterioration of our hospitals, the violence and chaos in our streets, the idleness of able-bodied men deprived of work, and the anguished demoralization of our youth.

For better or worse, we are one nation and one people. We shall solve our problems together or together we shall enter a new era of social disorder and disintegration.”

It has been over 53 years since these words were first published by Dr. King and his colleagues. While some progress has been made, these words ring eerily true today. 

Let this be a turning point in American history. We ask that you join us in the struggle for racial justice. Take action to advance specific and data-driven solutions that can reduce police violence in America and take a step towards a more perfect union.  

Don’t Just Watch. Speak. 

Don’t Just Speak. Act.

Calvin Cooper, Co-founder & CEO