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Rhove Arrives in Dayton

We are turning renters into owners in Dayton, Ohio.

January 26, 2021

What better way to kick off a new year than bringing Rentership to new communities?

We spent much of last year turning renters into owners in our hometown of Columbus. It’s where we live and work—and it happens to be America’s favorite testing ground for innovative new ideas. Starting with Gravity, we empowered renters in Columbus with the first opportunity ever to own a stake in their apartment community. Then, Rentership took off. ✈️

With the calendar turned to 2021, it’s time we take flight to Dayton, the birthplace of aviation. (Rentership Takes Flight in Dayton)

If you know us at all, you know we’re proponents of the Midwest and all its potential—especially our home state of Ohio. That’s why we couldn’t be more proud to announce that renters in Dayton are being turned into owners as you read this.

Welcome to Rhove

In collaboration with Peak 10 Properties, we’re giving renters in Dayton an opportunity to join a new category of housing. Every renter at Park Layne, The Rockwood, and Riverstone can own a stake in their apartment complex simply by living there and signing-up for Rhove.

Here’s how it works.

Renters can claim their stake using the Rhove app, and then grow their stake anytime in as small as $1 increments. The value of their stake––what we call RNT––is a function of the sale value of the property. In addition, stakeholders are entitled to a fixed 5% return annually-–what we call a 5% RNT Return––and paid to them on a monthly basis. The larger their stake, the larger the value they are entitled to.

But Rentership is about so much more than a financial benefit.

Ownership bestows renters with a sense of purpose and pride in their apartment. Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic and economic downturn, property owners are realizing the need to connect with their renters at a human level. Rhove makes real estate less transactional and more personal, breaking down the barriers between renters and property owners and putting them on the same team.

Ultimately, we believe democracy is stronger when everyone has ownership.

Join the Movement

We have immense respect for Peak 10 Properties and the work they are doing in Dayton, like encouraging renters to take pride in their hometown and ensuring the quality of their apartment complexes is a reflection of their commitment to the community (which happen to be core values of one of our Columbus-based partners, Gravity)

That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer renters at Peak 10 Properties this incredible opportunity.

For too long, people have been stuck choosing between two housing options: irredeemable rent payments or huge upfront homebuying costs. In this brand new year, join us in embracing a third option––a solution that meets us where we are at, and brings greater access to ownership and opportunity.

Join the movement that’s redefining housing with a commitment to your future and your community. Let’s keep building common ground between renters and property owners and creating a more equitable world.

It’s happening in Columbus, and now in Dayton, and we’re only just getting started. Check out our homepage to find out if your apartment is offering Rentership.