Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rhove?

How does Rhove make money?

What is Rent to Earn?

How does it work?

Does that mean it’s just a discount on rent?

Do I have to participate?

How many have signed up so far, or when is it available?

Why would property owners want to do this?

What other rewards and benefits does Rhove plan to offer? How will they accelerate the path to homeownership?

Where is Rhove based?

How is Rhove funded?

Are user funds FDIC insured?

Is Rhove a bank?

Where is my money held?

What is the min / maximum monthly contribution?

Are there age restrictions?

Any restrictions how I can spend my money?

Can I change my recurring deposit date to something other than the first of every month?

When can I withdraw my money

How much can I withdraw?

How much does Rhove cost?

Is there a minimum deposit or balance required?

Will I receive a monthly statement?