About Rhove

Every Renter Will Be An Owner

Rhove was founded on the belief that our democracy is stronger when everyone has ownership. That’s why we are on a mission to expand access and opportunity for everyone to own in our communities. Our vision is simple: Every renter will be an owner.

Our conviction to deliver on this mission is unwavering, and stronger now more than ever. Ownership is not just about finance. Ownership is about citizenship, it's about social responsibility. It binds us more closely to our neighbors. And it’s something that the Founding Fathers of our country understood as critical to our democracy.

"The only possible way, then, of preserving the balance of power on the side of equal liberty and public virtue, is to make the acquisition of land easy to every member of society; to make a division of land into small quantities."

Founding Father and Second U.S. President John Adams, 1776

The Time Is Now

The story of Rhove begins with a frustrated renter. One who realized the binary option between renting and owning leaves most of us without a choice at all.

What if there were a third option, between renting and owning––what if everyone owned a stake in our communities, and benefited from the value created in our neighborhoods? We've turned this dream of Rentership (renter-ownership) into a reality, and you play a vital role in our mission.

We envision a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging, engagement, and accountability. Join us.

The need for change is urgent. The average millennial has no net real estate wealth, much less than previous generations. Moreover, we have lived through two “once-in-a-lifetime” economic downturns. The previous recession resulted in over $60 billion in real estate wealth transferring from Main St. to Wall St. We will not let the American dream get further out of reach. Massive inequality is fertile ground for disillusionment and division. We endeavor to play our role in providing solutions that will strengthen our communities and bring us closer together.

Our Values Drive Us

At Rhove, our values system is more than just a set of rules. It is a philosophy that we aspire to live up to through our deeds and actions.

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We live by a code and stand by it.
Curiosity &
We take risks, apply good judgement, cultivate our voice, and celebrate the expression of others.
We solve hard problems. We take moon shots and swing for the fences. We operate in the realm of the adjacent possible.
Diversity &
We embrace people with dignity and respect regardless of their background or identity. We seek to engage different perspectives.
We are purpose-driven. We act with intention. Our actions are considerate of the best interests of ourselves and others.
Autonomy &
We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the highest standards. We are proactive and dependable.
Grit &
We overcome challenges. We operate with courage, resolve, and strength of character. We learn from our mistakes.
Pride &
We put in the extra effort, walk the walk, deliver and win. We know our limitations, overcome them and strive for greatness.
Our work is meaningful, challenging and makes a positive difference. We value the happiness of our team.
We value the quality in our work that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail.

Join Our Team

We’re looking for talented professionals to help us expand home ownership. Join the Rhove-olution. Apply today.