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We believe everyone has the right to own in their community. Property ownership was believed by our Founding Fathers to be an essential part of American democracy. John Adams wrote that in order to preserve “equal liberty and public virtue” we must “make the acquisition of land ownership easy to every member of society.”

That American dream is threatened today. Millennials have zero net real estate wealth, much less than previous generations. Growing student debt and two once-in-a-lifetime economic downturns have left many without the ability to own in our communities. Further, systemic inequality in housing has created a wealth gap. 

The time for change is now. On this Independence Day, we put forth Rentership as a solution to both expand universal ownership, and to counter the systemic injustices that have perpetuated wealth inequality in America. 

Ownership bestows more than financial benefit. It expands our sense of citizenship and social responsibility. That’s why we envision a world where every renter is an owner.

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We Believe Everyone Has The Right To Own in Their Community

That's why we're on a mission to radically expand access and opportunity for everyone. We envision a world where every renter will be an owner.

How to Rhove

  • Buy RNT

    RNT is a unique asset that represents an economic stake in your apartment. Make one-time buys or monthly recurring.

  • Earn A RNT Return

    Each RNT earns a 5% RNT Return. That means every second as a stakeholder you'll earn cash. Hold and keep earning a RNT Return even if you move out.

  • Grows With You

    If the building value appreciates, so does your RNT. When the building sells, you'll get cashed out.

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At Gravity, every resident is a stakeholder. Be more than a renter with Rentership. Hold and earn, or sell instantly.

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  • "We’re creating a new situation where every renter is a stakeholder."

  • “Rentership really is redesigning the infrastructure of real estate to bring people in. Our vision is that every renter is a homeowner by default.”

  • “Rhove is creating tools that can give renters ownership stakes in their apartment communities, just for a few dollars at a time.”

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